Our Methodology

When any organisation need recruitment support, a strategic recruitment capabilities is what we offer to our clients. It is utmost important to achieve business impact, applying a scientific recruiting methodology that spans key areas of activity. Job Join team adopt recruitment methodology to suit the needs of our clients. Our candidates are presented on the basis of a match against Pre-determined competencies. We do not believe in a perfect candidate.
As such, our candidates are presented realistically and truthfully against the competency model.

Phase 1 - Briefing

Context & role detail – 

1. Client Company profile and value proposition

2. Understand Cultural fit

3. Team Structure

4.  Required Skills, Experience and qualifications

5. KRA, KPIs and Key Deliverables

Benefits –

  1. Best quality profiles sharing with clients
  2. Saves time of Interview panel 
  3. Retention of quality people

PHASE-2: (Producing the short list)


  1. Advertisement
  2. Referrals
  3. Job Portals
  4. Extensive candidate network
  5. Internal Database
  6. Social Media


  1. Engage both active and passive candidates
  2. Generate a short list of quality people

PHASE-3: (Interviewing)


  1. Planning & Scheduling
  2. Ongoing communication & feed back
  3. Candidate & client briefing
  4. First round interviewing  


  1. Effective candidate assessment
  2. Bench marking against Position requirements
  3. Better decision making

PHASE-4: (Quality checking)


  1. Educational & professional qualifications
  2. Verbal references
  3. Back ground verification
  4. Psychometric & aptitude testing, as per client request


  1. Informed hiring decision
  2. Build client confidence in Job Join

PHASE-5: (Managing the offer)

The Offer 

  1. Salary Negotiations – An Open communication with the candidate
  2. Detailed requirements of position & KRA


  1. Ensure Win – Win Situation 

Different industries need different approaches for recruitment. Keping this in mind, our industry specific consultants work closely with the clients in order to understand their specific requirements and to adopt specific strategies to address specific needs.

Further, we sign a confidentiality clause in which we undertake not to utilize any information to our client’s detriment.